Sex Coaching 

What is a sex coach?

Sex coaches are professionals trained to work with both individuals and couples around intimacy and sexual function. Pain with sex, performance challenges and little to no libido are some of the most common concerns a sex coach may address. Sex coaching can encompass a variety of methods such as training, psychosexual education and nutritional guidance.

There are a number of diagnosis that can lead one to seek out sex coaching: Endometriosis, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Erectile Dysfunction, painful ejaculation. These experiences can be attributed to a number of things, such as pregnancy, injury, surgery, hormonal changes, stress, disorders of reproductive organs, and emotional distress. 

Why sex coaching?

 Fear, anxiety, embarrassment, frustration, disconnection and even feeling betrayed by your own body  are all common, but often overlooked effects of pain and dysfunction. These valid emotional responses are honored and processed with the same level of importance in sex coaching as the physical exercises.

 It is in this work that individuals can begin reconnecting with their own bodies, learning to trust and enjoy themselves in their entirety.

This is why working with a professional who has the unique, blend of both pelvic floor physical therapy and certified sexual counseling provides a crucial element in the journey towards relief and pleasure, in your movement and yourself.



At JMM Health Solutions, we are all about the MOMMAS!
Whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant or postpartum we are here to help you navigate each stage.  Additionally, we offer Doula services (birth support) to nurture you through the birthing process. Schedule a CONSULT to see how we can help!

We do this by offering wellness consultations during pregnancy, childbirth education and classes, birth prep for mom and partner as well as postpartum recovery. All of this to encourage a healthy body, core and pelvic floor.

Bladder, Bowel, Pain or Sex... we address it all!
We offer comprehensive and holistic care for women suffering from a variety of conditions, not limited to:
Leaking (pee and poop), Constipation, Urgency, Frequency
Pelvic pain (Vulvar, Sexual, Tailbone, Hip, low back, Pubic)
Interstitial cystitis/ bladder pain syndrome
Endometriosis, Adenomyosis
Painful abdominal/ pelvic scars or adhesions and more...

MEN have pelvises too! And we are JMM Health Solutions are here to help.
Whether you are dealing with:  
Bowel or bladder issues
Pain of any type (pelvic, penile, testicular)
Issues getting "it" up or keeping "it" up
Prostatitis or post-prostatectomy

Parents, if your child is struggling with bedwetting, constipation, or with bladder and bowel accidents, we can help! We work with parents and kids to address these issues so that they can be kids and live a happy and carefree life.
Additionally, if you are the parent of a teenaged girl, we can help navigate the issues that might occur during puberty related to menstruation and pelvic pain. 

Athletes are near and dear to my hear. As a former high school, collegiate and international athlete and as a volleyball coach, I enjoy helping people reach PEAK PERFORMANCE. Often times the pelvic floor can be involved in persistent pains that athletes might feel, like back, hip and groin pain. Many athletes also deal with sports hernias and might even face leaking of the bladder or bowels.

We help you with your training so that you can be your best on the field, on the court, in the box or in the race!

Whatever your concerns, we are here with the solution.
Aren't ready to schedule an appointment but have some questions? Schedule a 30 minute call with Dr. J
to have all your pelvic floor questions answered. 

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