Couples Sex Coaching

Struggling with intimacy due to pelvic pain? Dr. Juan Michelle Martin offers compassionate couples sex counseling, guiding partners to explore emotional impacts, communicate openly, and discover alternative practices. Rebuild intimacy and connection amidst discomfort. Contact us for a healthier, happier relationship.

Faith-Based Couples

As an individual with a deep rooted faith in my Heavenly Father, I have grown to understand the connection of our faith in all that we do. Sexual health is no different. At the center of it all we recognize that our bodies are temples and we understand the sacredness of intimacy. Unfortunately many times in our society there is a lack of education or a miseducation surrounding how best to navigate these areas, which then contribute to struggles within married couples. As a sex counselor, I am able to provide couples the tools to build intimacy and emotional connection, improving their intimate relationships while also grounding them in the beliefs that are nearest and dearest to their hearts.

Couples Coaching

Being in union with another person can be challenging let alone when one feels as though their body is not functioning the way that it is intended to. Often times couples have difficulty, for one reason or another when attempting to engage in penetrative intercourse. Persons feel as though they cannot perform, there may be pain, there may be anxiety. All of this can lead to further stress. Sometimes there are physiologic reasons why this is happening, sometimes there may be more emotional of psychological reasons. As a sex counselor with a background in pelvic health I am able to pinpoint these areas, guide individuals on distinguishing the emotional from the physiological and help them to navigate the path towards better sexual and emotional health. Many times there are individuals who have not consummated their marriage and that can carry a heavy toll. If this is you, please know that there are solutions available. Your marriage is not over! Your sex life is not over! You can have pleasurable sex with your loved one and we can help! 

Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness can significantly impact various facets of one's intimate life, posing unique challenges that extend to both the physical and emotional dimensions. Physical limitations, such as fatigue, pain, or mobility issues are common with chronic illness and can hinder the ability to engage in sexual activities comfortably, leading to frustration and a sense of loss for both partners. Similarly, the side-effects of many medications can impact libido, arousal, or sexual function, changing one’s levels of desire and sexual responses. The combination of many of these elements and stressors can take an emotional toll on couples and create communication barriers around difficult, vulnerable, but much needed conversations. Rates of anxiety and depression are commonly increased in individuals and couples living with chronic illness. And discussing sexual concerns can feel shameful, blaming, vulnerable and just downright scary with this being uncharted territory for most people. The feelings that arise are complicated and connection in any form may become challenging, creating a gap in understanding each other's needs and desires.  

Pelvic Pain

Are you and your partner struggling to navigate intimacy amidst pelvic pain? Living with pelvic discomfort can strain even the strongest relationships, but there is hope. With Dr. Juan Michelle Martin's compassionate guidance, couples explore the emotional impact of pelvic pain, communicate openly about their experiences, and discover alternative intimate practices that prioritize connection without exacerbating discomfort. Empowered with knowledge and supported by personalized strategies for pain management and adaptation, couples can rebuild intimacy and connection, fostering a resilient and fulfilling relationship. Contact us today to take the first step towards a healthier and happier intimate life together.

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