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online and in-home pelvic physical therapy

JMM Health Solutions

1 on 1 Individualized & Customized sessions

Welcome to JMM Health Solutions!
We help women who are READY to be healed during and after pregnancy from pelvic pain, leaking, sexual dysfunction and promote safe return to fitness.


I’m Dr. Juan Michelle Martin

I’m a pelvic  floor therapist on a mission to help women heal. In today’s world moms have so much going on, work, kids, family, life and they seldom find the time to take care of themselves…
…BUT I am here to take care of you!


What I Offer

In- home

Easy! No need for childcare.
Accessible! Bringing therapy to you.
Convenient! On your scheduled


Is geography an issue? Is it your schedule? We offer conventional hours (9am-5pm) and later (10pm- midnight, EST).  

Business/ Professional Consultations

Are you interested in starting your own practice? Are you wanting to get started in tele-medicine? Do you have questions regarding patient care?

What I Do

We treat the following issues:
pelvic pain, back pain, diastasis recti, prolapse, SI joint pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, perineal pain, constipation and address fitness related/ performance issues and return to sport. 

Educational Content

Managing Your Cesarean Scar (E-Book)

The Pelvic Perspective: Pregnancy and Post-partum for Birthing Professionals (Online Course)

Overactive Bladder: How to NOT let your bladder run you (E-book)


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“A very dear friend, a colleague and above all a great pelvic floor PT. Dr Juan has been treating me throughout my pregnancy and post partum. I have always felt the difference when she treats. She has the magical touch! Thanks J for all that you do.”
~ J.H

“She was my PT first through at least  3 major surgeries. And when someone can take the day to be with you for a surgery, follow up daily on your progress then administer PT to you for a full recovery???? That’s caring! Dr Martin is GREAT!”
~ Y.S

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