Pelvic PT for Btter Birth

Join me, in collaboration with the Global Women's health Initiative (GWHI) to learn more about how to better prepare for birth and the postpartum period.

This donation-based webinar is geared towards both the pregnant individual and birth workers (doulas, midwives, pelvic PTs, chiros, OBGYNs)

Wednesday October 13th, 7PM EST

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Are you pregnant?

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What's in your birth bag?
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This is not a short term detox, or a diet.  This is a complete lifestyle shift that you can continue to use through your lifetime in various ways.

Optimize your preconception health, your fertility, your perinatal health, your baby’s health, and the health of your family for generations

Join Dr. J, along with sexologist Dr. Bonnett and Sex Therapist Tali Boots as they discuss navigating sex with age and menopause.

Learn 5 simple techniques for pregnant and postpartum women to alleviate symptoms associated with common complaints. 

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