Pelvic PT for Btter Birth

Join me, in collaboration with the Global Women's health Initiative (GWHI) to learn more about how to better prepare for birth and the postpartum period.

This donation-based webinar is geared towards both the pregnant individual and birth workers (doulas, midwives, pelvic PTs, chiros, OBGYNs)

Wednesday October 13th, 7PM EST

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Are you pregnant?

Check out some of our programs below for our pregnant population

If you are ready to restore your body after a cesarean birth? AND... If you are ready to address that scar? This is for you!
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A client tested and approved program for pregnancy and in the postpartum period to address pubic symphysis dysfunction
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A 1 hour webinar on healing after birth and common concerns that mommas have postpartum
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What's in your birth bag?
Are you preparing for your delivery? Your trip to your hospital or birth center?
Then make sure that you are all packed and packed RIGHT!


Body Ready Method

✔️ Set yourself apart from the pack! 
✔️ Rise to the occasion on multiple fronts.
✔️ Amplify your current knowledge with a method that considers the WHOLE body in preparing for birth.
✔️ Hone your craft with a training that will enhance your ability to offer proactive care. Invest in yourself so you can invest in your clients.  

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Feel free to reach out directly to BRM ([email protected]), and as always, I am here for you too 

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NBDA Birth Doula Trainer

February 18-20, 2022

Doula Training for Clinicians

March 26-27th, 2022

This program adds a new dimension to doula training, made specifically for PTs, OTs, PTAs, COTAs who are looking to get into the doula space and blend their clinical knowledge with obstetric care

We have joined with Alcove Education, an education platform to be able to provide this course to clinicians and also offer continuing education credits (16 CEUS)

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Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Coach Certification

✔️Coaching Modules
✔️30 Expert Interviews
✔️Movement Demos
✔️Research Library
✔️Feature in Online Directory
... and more

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For the P&PA Coach Certification
If you work with pregnant and post partum women or pregnant and postpartum athletes then THIS IS FOR YOU!

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Get Ready to Meet Your Baby

Birth & Postpartum planning class
Saturday February 26th, 9AM - NOON, EST

Sex & Intimacy Coach Training

March 26th - May 14th 2022

This is a training for those interested in helping others reconnect with themself (and others) sexually by walking them through elements and styles of healing around sexual-spiritual health along with helping them to regain a sense of newness after a period by feeling disconnected from their body.  

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This is not a short term detox, or a diet.  This is a complete lifestyle shift that you can continue to use through your lifetime in various ways.

Optimize your preconception health, your fertility, your perinatal health, your baby’s health, and the health of your family for generations

Join Dr. J, along with sexologist Dr. Bonnett and Sex Therapist Tali Boots as they discuss navigating sex with age and menopause.

Learn 5 simple techniques for pregnant and postpartum women to alleviate symptoms associated with common complaints. 


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Managing Your Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction 

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