Can I schedule just one session at a time? 

After working in this field for 16 years, I’ve learned one of the greatest pit-falls in client recovery is lack of consistency. I get it, life gets busy, things happen we don’t plan for, and next thing you know, it’s been 3 months since that last appointment you meant to schedule. What I’ve noticed is that clients who are able to maintain consistency with their appointments demonstrate more successful outcomes. This is an observation I can’t ignore in my commitment to best serve the clients I deeply care for and whom I'm committed to helping. 

General Pelvic Health

For general pelvic health services that are not related to prenatal or postpartum services, all new clients must first schedule a 90 minute evaluation. During which Dr. Martin will discuss which treatment options will be the best fit for you.

How much are the evaluations?

 Evaluations are 90minute long and are $275.

Where are sessions held?
Offered both in person and virtually.

3 Sessions


6 Sessions


10 Sessions


                                                        Prenatal & Postpartum 

Pelvic Floor Packages
Offered both virtually and in person



1 Evaluation Appointment
4 Follow Up Sessions



1 Evaluation
6 Follow Up Sessions

                                                         Sex Counseling Package

Available only virtually 


1 Evaluation Appointment
5 Hour Long Follow Up Sessions

Pelvic Solutions

Managing Your Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction 

ENDO Wellness Coaching

Navigating Sex And Menopause