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Dr. Martin

Pelvic Health

I have been a practicing physical therapy for over 11 years with an extensive background in patient care and a background as a competitive athlete. I have worked with clients from children to professional athletes including youth sports teams, national and international athletes and the AVP tour.

Throughout my career, I have become more passionate about women’s and pediatric pelvic health because I realized the continued burden this has placed on so many. Society has deemed many pelvic conditions normal or a “female thing” and has even gone as far in some cases to tell women “it’s all in their head”.

As a mom, I learned first hand the impact of pelvic floor dysfunction, dealing personally with incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. The only difference is that as a pelvic floor therapist, I knew how to address it while so many others don’t. 

In addition to working with patients, I teach childbirth education classes and provide workshops in a variety settings (gyms, libraries, yoga studios) educating people on pelvic health, pregnancy and post-partum preparation and integrating the pelvic floor into fitness. 

When not working, I enjoy being with my family, travel, outdoor activities and fitness. 

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