Intimacy Solutions

Your Best Sex After Baby

Designed to help women move towards painfree intercourse after they have had a baby.

Just think...
... you have been pregnant for 38-40 weeks (give or take),
You go to the doctor at the "magical" 6 week visit and he says
"You're cleared! You can do whatever you want!"

Easy enough right!
You figure, the doctor gave you the 'all clear' so everything must be great; HOWEVER...
When you attempt to have sex, it is uncomfortable and might even be downright excruciating.

This never hurt before, so why is it hurting now?

You figure it's because you are still healing, so you give yourself some time and decide you'll try again in a few weeks or months...
...but it is NO DIFFERENT!


You try again but the pain is still there and quite frankly at this point you don't want to have sex. You've got a new baby, a husband who wants sex and you feel as though everyone wants something...

The reality is that MANY women will deal with painful sex, or dyspareunia, after they have had a baby. Some research puts the numbers at 62% of women up to 6 months post partum and even at 1.5 years after having a baby, 1 in 3 women will still report pain with intercourse

What is the SOLUTION?
Sexual dysfunction is one of the known causes for mental health issues, including depression, self esteem issues, marital issues and more.

But Intimacy Solutions will guide you through everything that you need to embark on YOUR BEST SEX AFTER BABY!

Course Summary

The transition to motherhood brings many blessings but it might also bring a few challenges. Join me, Dr. Martin, as I help you navigate this time with tips, tricks and strategies to be confident in the bedroom and have your best sex after baby!

Sexual satisfaction after having a baby does exist!  Pain does NOT have to be your normal.

What you'll get:

  • Step by step modules covering what's  normal and what's not.
  • Tools and strategies to address your pain

    Tips and tricks to get your partner involved

  • Journal to guide you through the program and help you to better identify issues
  • Option for an individual consultation to deep dive into your story, your pain, your journey and most importantly YOUR SOLUTION.

***Money back guarantee within 48 hours of purchase!

Course Curriculum

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  • Intimacy Solutions: Your Best Sex After Baby
  • $69 USD

    Learn the ABC's to reclaim your sex life!

    Reclaim Your Sex Life