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Tis the season…

physical therapy Dec 18, 2017

It’s that time of year…where you are thinking of gift giving and the like. Many of you may know of someone, a friend, relative, coworker or otherwise that is pregnant at this time and you may be thinking “What can I get them?”. If this thought has crossed your mind, read on… especially if they are close to giving birth.

As a new mom, people share in your joy. I mean come on… to push out in some cases an 8 or 9 pound being is nothing short of comparable to an olympic feat. Family comes by. Friends come by. However in some cases, especially when you are a pretty good distance away from loved ones you don’t have that. Some loved ones bring flowers, some bring meals, some offer to help with chores. Yet what is it that most moms want.

The post partum time can be a hard one for some moms with issues ranging from pain, to fatigue, to depression. While some persons can come out of labor feeling quite like a ‘rock-star’, we should not assume that this is the same for all persons. What of those post cesarean who may be in significant pain and have certain physical restrictions placed on them? When you really think of it, a cesarean is really an abdominal surgery and if it were any other abdominal surgery we wouldn’t be expecting them to bounce back immediately, would we?

That being said what can you do to assist a loved one in the post partum period?

I recently saw an ad on television for a service/ business called “Instead of Flowers” and immediately thought how awesome. Personally I don’t like flowers…they die! Which is sad but that is also the sentiment of other moms I have spoken to. Don’t get me wrong it’s not an ungrateful sentiment, but to have a meal brought to you that you didn’t have to prepare- now that is awesome! The website: www.insteadofflowers.com shows a host of options including gluten free ones and they offer gift certificates. This business happens to be in my backyard, but I am sure that there are so many others out there.

I have listed a few ideas for things that you could do for a loved one in your life who may have just had a baby. These may be even more appreciated if this isn’t baby number one and she has toddlers at home as well:

  • Meal prep or meal services:
  • Baby sitting services
  • House keeping/ house cleaning services
  • Laundry services/ dry cleaning

What other ideas do you have in mind? What do your loved ones like? Share some ideas and let’s help all the mommies out there!

For all of you that this post may reach, a blessed and safe holiday season to you!


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