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Hip pain during and after pregnancy

This one is for all my crossfit moms.

So you have had your baby and you go back to lifting… but you notice that you are having a pinching pain in your hip… maybe you noticed this prior to lifting, with walking, stairs, air squats etc.

Since the pain or discomfort is at the “front” of your hip, you feel like your first line of defense should be to stretch your hip flexors… RIGHT!

Well you might be dealing with a hip impingement. Basically what that is, is a situation where the head of your femur tracks too far forward in the socket and causes some pinching. Based on the way most people stand, they tend to stand with their hips pushed forward (resting on the ligaments) which puts the hip in somewhat of a slight extension and hence a contributing to this impingement position. It may be triggered by other positions including sitting and the way you are performing daily activities as well. So what can you do.

First of all strengthen your hips! Yup I said it. Your glutes… your hamstrings… you lateral hip muscles. The more strength and stability in that area the better, especially posteriorly because those muscles are usually weaker. You can do things like bridges, advancing to single leg bridges, one legged sit to stand transitions, single legs dumbbell or KB deadlifts. Stretching your piriformis muscles. Try this… sit in a chair, cross one leg over the other and the thigh. keep your trunk nice and long vs slumped and lean slightly forward.

Secondly, posterior glides to the hip are helpful. Take a band (I like the black one), place it around your hip with the other anchored and feel the resistance against your upper femur. Progress to increasing your flexion as tolerated. I recommend doing these on days when you may have a squat work out to really get the hips well stretched.

Lastly, your squat position. Personally deep squats were harder when I dealt with this issue. Focus on keeping the knees out and ensuring external rotation of the hips as well as squatting to a comfortable depth and then progressing with the depth as tolerated.

Let me know if you find these tips helpful. They worked well for me and others!



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