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An ER Visit & Gratitude

My anniversary was a week ago and I spent it in the ER 😳😳😳...


You heard me right... the ER...

But not for myself...

My daughter was chasing her brother, fell and hit her head. She told my husband she was fine but as he started cleaning her wound it started bleeding and wouldn't STOP.

So he took her to the ER...


When he called me and told me, I felt my heart fall to the floor... I sped ... and prayed not to get pulled over... but kept speeding none-the-less. Got the last parking spot in the ED which happened to be the farthest from the entrance and ran like nobody's business into the building. 


As soon as I laid eyes on my daughter she started crying. My baby is only 6. I went into hospital triage mode and started assessing her even before the doc got there. Assessing coordination, speech, her balance, her transfers... EVERYTHING!!!!! And she was fine except for a slight headache but otherwise alright. 


The ER doc she got was AMAZING. I pray never to be back in the ER but if I go I'm asking for her by name. She assessed my daughter and deemed her fine and ok to be discharged home. 


My husband and I wished each other a happy anniversary and my daughter immediately burst into tears saying she was sorry we were in the hospital because of her. 


Almost in sync, we hugged her and told her it was no one's fault. I was grateful to have my family. Sure we were in the ER, but that situation could have gone worse. Just days earlier I met a lady whose son fell off a skateboard, something he had been doing since he was 4 or 5, and suffered a TBI. He is now bed ridden at the tender age of 16.


I had my family!!!!!!! 

And anyone who knows me knows how much I love my babies... 

I'm thankful for them! For my husband, for our support system and more. 

I'm thankful that a scary situation turned out well. 


So today on this Thanksgiving day, I appreciate the little things even more. Life is so fleeting and can be gone in an instant! 


What are you thankful for???? 

I want to hear it!


God bless you and your families and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! ❤🦃


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