How can physical therapy be done virtually? 

Most people think physical therapy can only be offered in person. But the truth is, much of physical therapy is educating and directing patients while the physical therapist gathers information from the patient's feedback. JMM Health Solutions primarily uses virtual PT for those experiencing pelvic pain and different perinatal stages.
Here is a short video of our very own Dr. Michelle Martin, owner of JMM Health Solutions, demonstrating how she may explain and conduct the beginning of a patient's virtual evaluation.

The evaluation begins with the physical therapist gathering patient history and discussing the concerns that may have brought you in.
Next she will walk you through a movement assessment and screening. This can involve a number of techniques, such as breath work coordination, pelvic floor awareness, or additional pain provocation tests. This may involve directing you to place your body in certain positions to see how your body responds, which is exactly the same process as she may direct you through during an in person session. From here, the same process is used during follow up PT sessions, as she will direct you through movements to help strengthen the areas in need and assessments to examine your progress.

What are the benefits of virtual PT?

One of the most common reasons people don't get results from physical therapy is because they aren't able to keep up with their appointments. Which is understandable, it's hard to add in yet another appointment to the week, having to schedule in time to sit in traffic between work, driving kids between school and activities and now to and from the PT's office!
 Virtual appointments make it possible to access and maintain a physical therapy program without having to leave your home.

Many patients have found value in the greater accessibility of virtual physical therapy as well.  The specialized pelvic floor PT services that JMM Health Solutions provides are not widely available to everyone for in person locations. We pride ourselves at being able to offer our unique and experienced approach to patients across the state, ensuring Georgians from Savannah to the Blue Ridge Mountains have access to compassionate, quality care.

Are their any disadvantages to virtual PT?

None at all. The value needed for a productive evaluation and physical therapy session is in the pain and sensations you feel and report to you physical therapist. Since she cannot feel what you feel, the information your physical therapist receives is the same whether the session is in person or virtual, so there is no insight lost by conducting an evaluation or physical therapy follow up virtually.