Patient Information

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive interview and assessment of all complaints

  • Postural and movement assessment

  • Internal examination as necessary (adult patients only) to better assess muscle and tissue activity

  • Education

  • Individualized treatment plan

  • Workout planning and design for safe return to fitness. 

Do you take insurance

The question should really be “Can you solve my issue?” That being said, JMM Health Solutions, LLC is not in network with any insurance provider. Here is what that means for you as a patient:

1. The ability to offer customized services and one on one time. 
2. A shorter plan of care than the typical insurance based model of 3x a week. In some cases (usually post operatively, with significant pain or at the patient’s request) 2x a week may be necessary but typically not. 
3. Less out of pocket expense overall
4. Your sessions are dictated by you (and your therapist) not what the insurance thinks you should or should not have. 

While we cannot guarantee reimbursement from your insurance provider we will provide you with a medical receipt to submit to your insurance after each visit.

Acceptible payments

We accept cash, check or most credit cards for payment at the time of your appointment. 

For virtual sessions, payment must be furnished prior to the start of your session. 

You can use your Health Savings Account to pay for services from JMM Health Solutions, LLC.  We provide you with a medical receipt for your records.

Once you have scheduled your appointment click the link below to complete your intake form

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