Frequently Asked Questions

Average treatment schedule is 6 visits (which may vary for each patient based on diagnosis). This is determined after your initial assessment.

This may vary from patient to patient based on diagnosis, severity and symptoms and will be determined as a part of your initial assessment. 

It is very important that you are an active part throughout this process. It is through OUR teamwork that we can get you on the path to recovery, restoration and enjoying all that you love including your precious little ones.

Do I need to see a physician before I see you?

No.  In most states, the law allows patients to seek evaluation and treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a prescription or referral from a physician.

Here in the state of Georgia, We have a period of 21 days or 8 visits. If you should need therapy beyond that time, your therapist will communicate this to your physician so that you can continue to get the care that you need towards reaching your goals.

If you are pregnant at the time of therapy, a script is recommended for coordination of care with your medical providers.


Why Cash Based vs. Insurance?

Most in-network clinics schedule 2-3 visits a week for an average of 6 weeks, so 12-18 visits total. Your time will likely be divided between other patients in this setting, with the average time being 20 minutes of one-on-one time.

Consider your deductible and then your total number of visits with an in-network clinic. In the cash based model, therapists spend one-on-one time with each client, an average of one hour, carefully customizing each treatment session to that patient. The average number of visits is 5-6 and as such, your out of pocket costs would be less than with an in-network clinic. 

Also consider your time commitment with 5-6 visits in a cash based clinic vs 12-18 visits, in addition to work, school, family and LIFE in general.

With the cash based model, patients pay for these services the same day they receive care, and a receipt for services can be provided for those who wish to file for reimbursement with their insurance.

Whether or not you reimbursed by your insurance is a matter entirely up to them and cannot be guaranteed by your therapist.

It is very important that you know your insurance benefits, both in and out of network. If you are not sure, contact your insurance company so that you are aware of your responsibility.

Medicare Services

Are you a Medicare Provider?

No and as a result we cannot provide “covered services” to Medicare patients. We however can help you find a therapist who can. 

For Medicare patients, we are able to provide non-covered services, including health and wellness services including fitness and exercise programming and coaching.