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When Valentine’s might not mean SEXY time!

It’s the season of love- SEXY time!
Many will be getting their “swerve” on this Valetine’s day week (yeah to pregnant and post-partum clients) but for many Post-partum moms it’s not that easy. For many, they dread it!

🔸First off for most women, sex is NOT at the forefront of their mind…their newborn is!💯

🔸Secondly, most women are lacking sleep and if you ask them what they most want, I guarantee it would be this…sorry fellas 🤷🏾‍♀️

🔸Up to 30% of women...

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C-sections…Do they really save your pelvic floor?

While the level of trauma known with vaginal delivery is not the same as that with a cesarean, there is still a risk for trauma to the pelvic floor. According to research, planned cesareans are not protective of urinary incontinence as 40% still report it (MacArthur et al., 2011), nor pelvic organ prolapse (Glazener et al., 2013).

Not to mention, scar tissue which can adhere to and cause restrictions with the fascia of the abdominal muscles and those of the pelvic floor.


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