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Managing Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction is an issue that affects many pregnant women. Most research articles report 20-30% of women but when characterized as pelvic girdle pain, it was reported to affect as many as 80% of women (Robinson et al 2010; Ceprnja et al 2017).

Pelvic girdle pain itself could range from anything including pelvic floor dysfunction/ pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD) or even SI joint pain as all these issues occur at some point on the pelvis. PSD however is mainly categorized...

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy- Part 1: what is it and why you need it!

Hello to all! So much has been happening since our last blog post including a logo change and a new office space... what can I say... we've been busy!

What I have found myself doing so much lately though is having the conversation with others in the community about pelvic health, what issues may be associated and why it is important to get help. 

You see, so many people, especially women believe that incontinence (leaking urine or feces) for instance is something that happens to pregnant...

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Resource List For Moms


Need Help Paying Bills (Local Assistance Resource)


La Leche League – Breastfeeding resources, and direct links to local LLL leaders for breastfeeding support groups

Kelly Mom:...

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The New Baby Shower Gift!

Baby showers are a time to bless a mom. She may or may not be surprised with the event to begin with, but then she is blessed with an abundance of clothes, diapers, wipes and possibly whatever else she had on her registry.

While baby showers, have transformed into some of the most “glam” events, many moms know that once all of that fades, they are still in need of so much! So essentially, the question is “what can we do!”

Here are 5 things that you can gift to a mom...

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When Valentine’s might not mean SEXY time!

It’s the season of love- SEXY time!
Many will be getting their “swerve” on this Valetine’s day week (yeah to pregnant and post-partum clients) but for many Post-partum moms it’s not that easy. For many, they dread it!

🔸First off for most women, sex is NOT at the forefront of their mind…their newborn is!💯

🔸Secondly, most women are lacking sleep and if you ask them what they most want, I guarantee it would be this…sorry fellas ðŸ¤·ðŸ¾‍♀️

🔸Up to 30% of women...

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