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Pelvic PT Part 2: What to Expect At Your Appointment

If you haven't read part 1 of this series, Pelvic PT: What it is and why you need it, please check it out HERE

So you have been told that you need pelvic PT. 
Maybe you have been experiencing bladder or bowel issues.
Maybe you have been having pelvic pain.
Maybe you have been having issues with sex and intimacy.
Maybe you are pregnant or have just had a baby and are either looking to optimize your birth or you might be dealing with some aches, pains or other pelvic issues. 

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy- Part 1: what is it and why you need it!

Hello to all! So much has been happening since our last blog post including a logo change and a new office space... what can I say... we've been busy!

What I have found myself doing so much lately though is having the conversation with others in the community about pelvic health, what issues may be associated and why it is important to get help. 

You see, so many people, especially women believe that incontinence (leaking urine or feces) for instance is something that happens to pregnant...

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