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The New Baby Shower Gift!

Baby showers are a time to bless a mom. She may or may not be surprised with the event to begin with, but then she is blessed with an abundance of clothes, diapers, wipes and possibly whatever else she had on her registry.

While baby showers, have transformed into some of the most “glam” events, many moms know that once all of that fades, they are still in need of so much! So essentially, the question is “what can we do!”

Here are 5 things that you can gift to a mom who is pregnant or even after a baby, that can prove to be “golden”:

1. Meal train or gift certificate for a meal service.
We all know that after having a baby, moms are tired. Add to that the stress of possibly not being close to family or having a supportive community around her, both of which can be a huge burden. Fortunately there are several meal services that exist, offering an array of meals including specific options like vegan and gluten free. Here in Atlanta, Instead of Flowers is one such service. Nutrition is also a key component in the recovery process and healing after birth, so a nourished mom truly is a happier healthier mom!

2. Maid service
Who wants to clean after having a baby? Especially if you have a newborn and a toddler running around? Well now you don’t have to! The gift of a maid service can be the blessing a new mom needs to take care of her home when she may not be “up to the task”.

3. Spa service
Self care is huge. Being a mother can sometimes feel like you have competed in a marathon. Add to that no sleep and sometimes pain and most moms don’t feel glowing and blissful. Instead they feel… well they feel like “crap”. If you really want to make a mom feel great, get her a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, all the above, a few of the above or more. Help mom feel relaxed, allow her to get some pampering so that she can truly be the super mom she was intended to be.

4. Post Partum Care Specialists
Most moms will not ask for help. Sometimes they don’t even know they need it. Or maybe they do and they are just in denial. Who knows!
What can be helpful though is providing a mom with people to take care of her as well as her needs. This may include:
– A post partum doula who is worth their weight in gold and can do anything from being a companion all the way to helping with breastfeeding (if they are trained to do so)
– A sleep specialist– most people still are unaware that they exist but helping moms to get their babies trained to sleep and on schedule can prove to be nothing short of a miracle because it means that mom gets to sleep too!
– Lactation consultant. Many moms may not need one and those that do may not even know where to start, but a consultation can definitely get you on the right path or address any issues that you may be having with regards to breast feeding.

5. A gift certificate to see a PELVIC FLOOR SPECIALIST!
You knew I was going to put it in there… you had to have known. As a pelvic floor specialist and a doctor of physical therapy, I have seen and continue to see my fair share of women who have not healed well after birth and who have dealt with issues for years, so much so that their children are in middle school, high school or beyond and they are still having issues. A simple evaluation can identify any potential issues, address those that may already be present and get you started on a plan perfectly suited for you to address these issues so that you can enjoy the life that you desire. No more peeing your pants! No more pads! No more feeling of heaviness or pressure! No more uncontrolled gas or bowel movements! No more pain with sex! Heck… you can have a sex life and a vibrant one at that! No more back pain, groin pain, hip or leg pain! Now you can truly enjoy yourself and your family.

These are not only great ideas for a baby shower but truthfully, great ideas for any new mom! If you have some others, please feel free to share so we can maximize our options for our moms!


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