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Strengthening your lady parts…

One, Two, Three, Four….

That’s usually the sound of any person counting as they exercise, counting rep by rep… sometimes even with the addition of a little weight.

Well did you even know that there is such a thing called a vaginal weight? You heard me… VA-GI-NAL weights!

But before you go jumping to Amazon trying to get them to your house via prime, let’s take a moment to learn what they are, what they do and how they can help if at all. I’m sure by now that you have probably seen the videos of women lifting what looks like weights attached to a cord via their lady parts. Let’s not get extreme people!

The pelvic floor is comprised of several muscles and these muscles are what are typically involved in some of the issues that arise in women, such as prolapse, leaking and other conditions. Typically strengthening is one of the solutions but sometimes the issue is that the muscles may also be “tight” or held in a shortened position which is also less than ideal. Just know that a tight muscle is not a strong muscle and it is best that before you go trying what you see on Youtube, IGTV and all other fantastic stations of the “Inter-web” that you consult with a pelvic floor physical therapist to first know and understand what your issues may be and then how you should progress.

Going back to the pelvic floor muscles, they are just like any other muscle group, that can be overworked, strained or even damaged which could in-fact lead to the same issues you may be trying to avoid (so I won’t suggest you try lifting a surfboard or anything else crazy, but I digress).

One example of vaginal weights that I have used with some of my clients in the past is by a company called Intimate Rose. No I do not have an affiliate with this company, but I like the product, the material (silicone, hypoallergenic) and the quality. The weights are graded and are used gradually transitioning (with guidance, preferably from your pelvic health therapist) from the lightest to the heaviest. They can be used, when a person is appropriate and able to, for progressing strengthening for issues such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and even for promoting improvements in the bedroom (the latter of which may be more anecdotal than research based). Note that the weight of this system is no more than 4 oz max!

Again this is not necessary for everyone and also understand that you can strengthen the pelvic floor adequately with out them and have a well functioning pelvic floor. More is not always better!

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