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Round Ligament Pain

physical therapy Feb 15, 2018

The round ligament is a ligament that attaches the uterus to the pelvis.

As pregnancy progresses and the fetus grows, so does the uterus, causing stretching of this ligament and discomfort usually at either side of the abdomen and underneath. This typically occurs from the 2nd trimester.

Pain typically lasts only for a short time but can persist even longer in some cases. It can be felt when rolling or changing positions, such as when attempting to get out of bed, with coughing, sneezing or quick movements.

How can therapy help?

There are several interventions that can be performed to address round ligament pain. These include:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Taping/ bracing either with the use of tape or with the use of maternity belts. It is best that you speak to a women’s health therapist who can recommend what belt is best, if one is needed as there are several on the market and this can save you both time, money and the possibility of no relief from having the wrong belt.
  • Exercises to address the muscles within the surrounding areas for improved support.
  • Moist heat to decrease discomfort as tolerated
  • Strategies to improve pain when present including proper movement techniques
  • Therapy may also be necessary to distinguish this pain from something else.

As always if you are pregnant and have any concerns, speak to your health professional. There is no such thing as a silly question and it is best that any concerns be addressed.


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