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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy- Part 1: what is it and why you need it!

Hello to all! So much has been happening since our last blog post including a logo change and a new office space... what can I say... we've been busy!

What I have found myself doing so much lately though is having the conversation with others in the community about pelvic health, what issues may be associated and why it is important to get help. 

You see, so many people, especially women believe that incontinence (leaking urine or feces) for instance is something that happens to pregnant women, women who have just had a baby or older women. Almost as if it is some "right of passage". While it is does occur in those populations it also occurs with kids, and it also occurs with males as well. Often times not reported nearly to the same level as with women. 

Why do these things happen though??????

Well let's start at the beginning? What is the pelvic floor? What is a pelvic PT? AND... What kinds of conditions do we address?

For starters, your pelvic floor is a group of muscles located in your pelvis. They offer support to the organs of the pelvis: the bladder, the uterus (in females) and the rectum. They help to stabilize the bony structure of the pelvis with activity, function to keep you dry or continent (of urine or feces) and play a huge role in sexual function and pleasure including orgasm, obtaining or maintaining an erection in males and more. 

So all that said, what does a pelvic PT do????
Well I am GLAD you asked!
A pelvic PT basically specializes in the body between the belly button and the knees. We are the musculoskeletal experts in and around this area, of everything bony, muscular, joint, ligament, tendon, neurological and so on. 
We assess the body, the strength, coordination, tone or feel of the muscles. We work on improving function so that you don't suffer from some of the conditions mentioned above.

Stay tuned for part 2: What to expect during your initial appointment with a pelvic PT. 


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