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Getting back to biking after baby!

physical therapy Mar 21, 2019

In part 1 of this AMAZING series, my friend and colleague Dr. Liz Koch talks about a special Post-partum population- specifically mountain bikers! Dr. Koch writes:

You have now taken time off the bike when you were pregnant and now you are feeling the itch and urge to get back out there! Oh man you are ready to feel the wind in your face, the woods around you, and the rock beneath your wheels.

How do you get there?

There are three exercises that are great to test your ability and strength to know if you need to do some more work, need to see a professional, or need to get out there and GO for a RIDE.

These exercises should be pain free.

Knee Planks:

3 reps holding 15 sec

This exercise tests your core and pelvic floor for endurance and strength. You should be able to breathe while doing this exercise.


You need to be able to feel in control, stable.

The deadlift is a wonderful exercise that is very similar to the aggressive descending position. Many women that I have seen post-partum have more pain descending verses climbing. This is for Hip/glut and hamstring activation with the addition of trunk stability.

Bridge: Butt Raise

Feet Hip Width Apart and Feet Wider:

I love this exercise to be able to target the abdominals with gluteal muscles strengthening. Make sure that you are not using your back. The wider your feet get the more that your glut max and med will have to work and the more your pelvic floor will be challenged.

Want to see more, check out this amazing video to gain more clarity regarding these exercises –> HERE!

While some women love the conventional exercises, yoga, pilates or the more intense ones like HIIT and CrossFit, there are many moms that love the outdoors and all it has to offer. Dr. Koch is an expert mountain biker herself and also a white water kayaker. She has built her practice around serving this amazing niche and I was fortunate enough to have her share her insight for these particular moms.

You can learn more about Dr. Liz Koch and her services at:

Blue Ridge Biomechanics

The Ride Life

Facebook: Mountain Bike Ladies

Yours in health,

Dr. J


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